GPS Retargeting

Reach your audience wherever it is. Geotargeting is useful for targeting a consumer in a physical space. First, we need to define the targeting and conversion zones.

As soon as the consumer is present in the targeting zone, he or she will be retargeted for a period of up to 30 days.

Conversions are measured when a consumer who has seen a related ad banner enters a conversion zone

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Event Retargeting

Target your audience at events (conferences, shows, sporting events, etc.). This tactic is particularly effective in retargeting a captive and engaged audience to deliver relevant messages associated with the event.

We first create a virtual targeting zone around the event location to cross-check visitor data.

Data retrieved during the event creates a custom audience to which the ads will be delivered.

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Keyword Search Retargeting

Target consumers based on their keyword searches. The advantage of this strategy is that you’ll benefit from the pull marketing effect.

First, we create a list with the keywords sought by the target audience so that we can deliver ad banners related to these searches.

Then we target the appropriate websites including the keywords, as well as audiences interested in them.

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Dynamic Banners

Get better performance with dynamic banners. On average, they have higher click-through rates and visits rates.

With their ever-changing content, dynamic banners always display new and relevant messaging.

Furthermore, they reduce the bounce rate because they immediately redirect to the website’s product page.

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Endless options

Drako can do it all. We offer a full range of programmatic and mobile strategies. Let us help you find solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.

– Geotargeting – Native advertising
– CRM Targeting – Addressable Geofencing
– Contextual & Behavioral Targeting – Website Retargeting
– Shop Cart Abandonment – Video Ad Campaigns
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Location may be the biggest indicator of intent.

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