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From day one, our partners have put their seal of approval on our solutions for advertisers. Thank you for your trust!

"We've been working with Drako for about 3 years now. We were so fortunate to find them through an email we received. They've been awesome to work with. The whole team is very helpful and their pricing works for us since most programmatic companies typically require a minimum monthly spend. For us, being a smaller agency, a lot of our clients want to test something first before spending a lot of their budget. Drako makes it easy to do that. They're also super fast and responsive with all aspects of the campaign - from IO to launch, it's really easy and efficient to work with them. AND, we've seen great results with our campaigns across industries. Thank you for being a really great partner!"

Amy Rushia

Director of Digital -- Magnetry

"Drako has been a great partner for over 2 years. They provide exceptional customer service and are very nimble when it comes to our creative changes, audience shifts and reporting needs. We very much appreciate their willingness to tackle any size budget in an efficient and strategic manner."

-- KW Media

"Working with the Drako team has been amazing! They have been instrumental in our efforts to talk with precise individuals across various media types. Over the years the team has helped us achieve results that would have not been possible otherwise. Would recommend to anyone in need of insights into the ever-changing digital media landscape."

Adam Lanel

Account Manager -- GWP


Our reporting


We believe that transparency is the best policy. With TapClicks’ reporting dashboard, you’ll have 24/7, real-time access to your data so you can optimize your campaigns as you go.

Gone are the days of weekly or monthly status reports. At Drako, we push our campaign performance data to your personal dashboard on a daily basis, so you don’t miss a beat.


Real-time reporting

Your numbers, how you want them. Add and remove columns, rows, or entire sections of your dashboard. Breakout specific campaigns, add or remove spend and integrate data from campaigns running across any platforms.


Customizable dashboard

Reach and frequency, audience’s demographics, performance by geo or target zone, publisher data… Any information you need to know about your campaign, we can provide.


In-depth metrics

On top of our automated daily report, we can pull any specific data that you may need, or even pull it on a regular schedule. Just ask and consider it done.


Automated and on-demand reports

Optimize your campaigns towards a CPA or a ROAS by knowing exactly which digital channels are contributing to conversions, online sales, or even in-store visits.


Full campaign attribution



Our commitment to delivering tangible results has led us to surpass the business objectives of our world-class customers.

U.S. Public Health Outreach — A Closer Look

Our client, a government organization, needed to reach residents of a specific US state to deliver COVID-related public health messages. With our proprietary location data, we managed to narrow down our targeting to only residents of our client’s US state. We then further refined the audiences by age groups, languages, political leaning and ethnicities. As the situation evolved, we also layered in location and contextual data to better target at-risk communities, while excluding vaccinated people from our audiences. All of this ended up contributing to this state having one of the highest vaccination rates in the country.

Rethinking Coupon Marketing — A Closer Look

Our client noticed that a lot of their customers refused to receive coupon flyers by mail, out of environmental and other concerns. To help them find an effective way to target this specific audience, we cross-referenced 200,000 home addresses with our 100% SDK geolocation data and satellite imagery. In this way, we created a precise audience of device IDs that allowed our client to send their coupons digitally, instead of by mail.