Geotargeting strategies

Many studies show the increasing influence of smartphones on in-store purchases. With this growth, retailers are finding that mobile plays a critical role in driving in-store purchases.

Thanks to new geolocation technologies on mobile and other connected devices, we can measure the impact of a digital campaign on visits and in-store sales.

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A unique technology able to follow the customer’s journey online and offline without interruption.

Optimal Measurement

Measure and optimize the in-store conversions of your digital campaigns.

Temporal Accuracy

Set a specific time period for retargeting (from 5 min to 30 days)

Optimized Visibility

We can optimize towards ad viewability thanks to our partnership with ©MOAT.

Hyperlocal Targeting

Retarget consumers who are physically crossing one of your virtual barriers.

GDPR Compliance

We have incorporated GDPR regulations into all campaigns to make them fully compliant.

Traffic Quality

Any inappropriate sites are removed pre-bid from campaigns thanks to ©PEER39 by ©Sizmek.

Targeting and Conversion

The first step is the identification of geographical zones on a precise perimeter of a few meters up to several kilometers, according to your needs.

A virtual barrier is drawn around a space where the advertiser wants to target potential customers (a neighborhood, shops, competitors, etc.).

Then, a virtual conversion zone is drawn around the advertiser’s own stores to track potential consumers entering the store.

Custom Audiences

Geolocation technologies offer new opportunities for retailers. Advertisers can deliver messages to smartphones that are tailored to the consumer’s context and determine what they are looking for.

Geomarketing allows advertisers to create custom audiences. These custom audiences can then be targeted with digital banner ads campaigns, from which we can ultimately measure their impact on in-store foot traffic.

Campaign Performance Measurement

To assign store visits to the campaign, we use a methodology of location history.

The performance of store visits is based on users’ geolocation data.

When the customer enters the conversion zone with their smartphone and has previously seen a related ad, the system recognizes the customer and assigns that visit to the targeting zone.

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Inventory Quality

Through a network of 350 ad-exchanges DRAKO MEDIA has access to one of the largest advertising inventories in the world. This volume helps to minimize costs, as well as optimize the delivery and increase the effectiveness of your hyperlocal ad campaigns.


Canada : 675 million impressionsUSA : 4 billion impressions


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Our Results

Our promise is to deliver results, so it is mandatory for us to be a vector of transparency. That’s why we provide you with 24/7 access to the real-time performance dashboard of your ad campaigns.

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Our partners

It is thanks to our close collaboration with our partners that we are able to put at your disposal a vast and powerful advertising network that will reach your target.