Case study

Engel & Völkers, a luxury Real Estate agency located in the Mont Tremblant area, contacted us because they wanted to have digital campaigns where they could reach their potential clients whenever they are based on their behavior, as for them it was the biggest indicator that they are indeed in their core target.


This luxury real estate agency wanted to increase their conversions meaning they wanted to have more contact and in-store visits. We therefore relied on 2 strategies that would fit perfectly with their KPIs:

  • GPS Retargeting: The client wanted to target competitors in its area, in order to reach potential clients, but they also wanted to target places where they knew their target would go: Golf courses, Premium Spa, Fancy Restaurants, Luxury Hotels, Premium Ski Resorts…
  • Facebook GPS Retargeting: we targeted the exact same audience as the GPS retargeting campaign, but we would deliver impressions only on Facebook and Instagram. The only difference being that we cannot know if people that have seen the ad on Facebook network have been to the real estate agency after.
  • Ads were in dynamic meaning that each image, logo and text zone had their own URL. That way we could prevent bounce rate on the website of our client: users did not have to click several times to find the property they saw on the ad (they were directly on the page of the property they clicked).
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GPS Retargeting with Dynamic Banners


0.17 %
Average CTR
171.27 %
Geo Lift
5 months
Ad Campaign Duration


In-Store Visits

Facebook GPS Retargeting


4 Months
Ad Campaign Duration
Average CTR

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