Fine-tune your strategy

Create unique geofence audiences by tapping into the power of location data.

GPS Retargeting

Use polygons to target a precise location, such as a building or a geographic area.

Points of Interest

Refine your audience by identifying all Device IDs that have visited a specific category of businesses.

Home & Work Targeting

Access a discrete dataset that contains the home and work census area for each Device ID in our database.

Our data has been cleaned and scrubbed with our proprietary model, it is 100% SDK and is fully CCPA compliant.

Our location dataset also one of the largest and highest-quality available on the North American market—and it's yours to leverage.

Audiences We’ve Built



A small Washington D.C. private tour operator needed help to promote their educational tours, so we geofenced local museums to retarget tourists that were most likely to be interested in their services.



An online whole bean coffee seller wanted to expand their clientele to every day, high-quality coffee drinkers. Our solution: geofencing a segment made up of all Starbucks and Second Cup locations nationwide.



A chain of retailers was hoping to target their competitors' employees in order to reach experienced workers and boost their recruitment efforts. How we helped? By geofencing the retail locations of their competitors and targeting the most frequent visitors: On-site employees.



Our custom location data can be used to create higher-quality, more transparent audiences than traditional prepackaged 3rd party segments. Whatever your needs may be — we can do it.